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Yard Sale Reserection

Written by: David Buck

Here is the latest sign that was bought from a yard sale. It was not working but the neon glass seamed to be in good shape. I checked out the neon with a spark coil and it worked. This told me that the transformer my be the problem. I removed the old 25 pound metal transformer and attached (temporary) a new electronic transformer. TA DA. it’s alive…….The sign came to life….dirt and all.

The next task was to carefully remove all the neon from the tube supports. First the front plastic cover, then ever so gently remove the boots ( some hand to be cut off do to attachment to the glass electrodes). then the GTO wires removed, and last the neon. At this time I noted that most of the old tube supports were broken or cracked. So the wee all removed and replaced. After a total wash down of the sign.

There was several years of dirt that was removed and some stains in the acrylic were not able to be removed completely. The neon glass was washed , dried, and repainted with block out paint. Reinstalled and connected. Transformer mounted ( new mounting hole had to be drilled) New boot were placed on the electrodes.

I had not seen this sign before so I got on line to see what I could find…. Seems that one just like the sign I have was sold for $1800.  WOW

It looks like I have a very rare vintage neon sign….. Truth be told I did not pay that much for this sign.  So If any one wants a very rare vintage neon sign??????? Just let me know……make an offer.


       Glasurit is an automotive paint if you were wondering. The sign is 24″ x 24″.


What’s next ??????