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Written by: David Buck

I will attempt to share some of my techniques and different styles of signs that you might encounter  bending glass. It is important to be able to visualize in three dimensions plus all your patterns will be upside down and backwards…so it greatly helps if you are ambidextrous.

Most of the time I get work in that is broken…”can you glue it back together?”  I love that one….it ranks up there with “How much for a neon sign?” There are 7 different sizes of glass and more than 50 different colors….You can’t stock it all…Each piece of glass will give you two different colors “neon gas RED og argon/mercury BLUE”. We generally use about 13 different colors and you can mix the glass…..”white, green, blue, yellow…etc…” all on one unit…..”red, orange, pink, amber, etc” .. on another unit. A typical open sign has two units, a red and a blue…one of each gas…It is possible to make a green and purple sign and use one gas and also make if out of one unit.

Pick your style of lettering, block, script, double stroke and many others. Mix and match, have fun. Draw your sign, turn it over and trace the outline with a sharpie. You now have a pattern to use. Now the real fun begins….follow along with my future blogs to find out more.