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Replacement hardware

Written by: David Buck

All hardware is from existing signs, so it is exact replacements. Note: When ordering screws and nuts please call out if they are SAE or metric, we have both.

Boots come in several sizes from 8mm to 15mm and we have endstops and shortstops both.

Tube supports come in different styles, several sizes and lengths.

GTO (high voltage wiring) and sleeving is available. We have some used pieces in stock, so tell us the length you need.

Special mounting hardware and clips as well as standoffs are available.

027 SAE (american) and metric (chinese)

016 Endstops $1 ea 017 Shortstops $2 ea

018 8/9mm 1″ to 2″  $1.50 01910/12/15mm 1.75 and 2″ $1.50

020 Crabbit style 9/10/12/15mm $2 ea 021 small metal $1.50 large plastic $2

022Transformer switch $5

023Used on Dos Equis and Bluemoon $5

024 $2 ea w/ hardware, call out length

025A/C cord clamp $2, GTO clamp $2

026 Frame boot $.50 ea, soft restraint $1, support top clamp $.50 ea.