Signs Of The Times
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Written by: David Buck

Last Sunday we were driving around and stopped in at an oriental market just to look around. I found several items that I have been looking for. As I was looking a man came up to me and asked if he could help me. I told him that I found what I was looking for and a conversation began.  We talk for a short time and as we walked around his store he noticed my truck out front with all the vinyl lettering on it. Oh, you make signs? he asked. Yes I do, I replied, both neon and vinyl signs. We the conversation progressed he showed me where he wanted a sign put to advertise his noodle soup called PHO ( pronounced – pha) we talked as I paid for my items. I then thanked him for his check that he gave me to start on his new sign.  Two days later he came by to finalize the design and choose the colors. I went to work making patterns and bending glass. Yesterday afternoon he came by to pick up his sign.  He was very pleased and as I loaded it into his car he told me that he was going to Nashville to show it to the head of the organization …who knows maybe there are more stores selling PHO that need signs.



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