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I’m afraid of the dark.

Written by: David Buck

We have all heard that from a young one feeling scared when the lights are out.  Well a caring and thoughtful grandmother came to me with a request, ‘Can you make me a sign for my granddaughter that she can use as a night-light please’.

She said that her granddaughter liked to do artwork all the time, so we came up with the idea of a painter’s pallet/easel as the theme.I did a mock-up and it was approved.

The pallet itself is made from Max metal, an 1/8″ PVC core with aluminum skin on both sides.  Vinyl letters and simulated paint was applied. The reverse outline of the letters was used as a pattern for the neon and the shape of the pallet was used for the outline neon unit. Tube supports were attached as needed.  Then a transformer with a built-in dimmer  was mounted on the back of the sign. Finally,  a chain was added to make it simple to hang the wall sign.

Here is a gift that will last a lifetime…..and scare the monsters out of any room.


002 003 004

On dim for night                   On bright for daytime             When off.