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Customer Gallery

Written by: David Buck

Our customer gallery shows neon signs that they have brought in for either  repair or modification as per their request.


customer gallery Budweisser

  We added the Talladega wording to this existing Budweiser neon sign. Creating a one of a kind sign for our customer giving him a unique piece of neon to proudly display in his home.





Heineken rotating customer gallery

This rotating Heineken wall mount sign caught the eye of a customer who was picking up a repair. He liked it so much it  found a new home in Nashville. We keep a large range of signs ready to purchase.




Dragon beer sign customer gallery

This  sign needed a new dragon to replace the broken one. When repaired  it displayed a great array of neon colors.It certainly looked  impressive. Several local people visiting Signs of the Times shop saw it while it was awaiting collection and wanted to take it home but alas, it’s home is in Bowling Green KY


rolling rock customer gallery



This popular sign was repaired promptly to assure it was ready time for our customer’s trip to the Nashville flea market.We do our utmost to keep time to a minimum on repairs.



LITE sign with new neon features added

This sign came in needing a new transformer. It was damaged while the sign was being  installed. The customer brought it back for a total face lift. He wasn’t sure what he wanted so Signs of the Times designed something special for him. We added a setting sun , palm tree and blue wave. Now it is truly one of a kind and we had a very happy customer.




Wolf Sign LITE customer gallery

The moon on this sign had broken. We made and fitted the new one so the wolf could once again bay at the moon.






Jack lives here Tennessee

The whole of the words  ‘L IVES HERE’ was missing, but after a speedy repair, we now we know where Jack lives!





Repair / Repair I wish that some of these came in with all or at least most of the glass to make patterns by.  We do the best we can with what we have….

creek002 irish red004 001


A few more of some of our work.

002 007 004 006 011


Just finished up the last of 5 signs to repair of a returning customer….not all pictured


.003 007 004 001


Here are some you might have seen before, and maybe a few you haven’t.

001 002 003 004


These could go in the restoration page as well. Some have new stock parts added a one has good used parts.

015 017 019

This one I had never seen before….All my 2 wheel friends like it also.


We get to help customers with yard sale finds at times…..broken glass and bad transformers are regular occurrences.  Sometimes the DIY comes out and we can fix that too. Sweet.