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Written by: David Buck

Restorations by Signs of the Times can bring very old, damaged or faded signs back to their original condition

Far more cost effective in most cases to buying a new sign. Retaining the history of the sign can also be of sentimental value to some sign owners. They have hung above their businesses for many years, and are to them ‘part of the family’  We pride ourselves on our attention to detail Take a look at the pictures below, they show the miraculous changes we have made. We can achieve all this and more for your signs too.   Don’t throw out your vintage signs, bring them in for a new lease of life.

001 004This sign came in with the paint applied by the customer.Signs of the Times added the Ruby Red Neon to both sides.

002001003 002004 003

These metal signs were brought to us for restoration. Signs of the Times designed the new patterns, bent the neon and mounted all the units, then installed the three signs vastly improved signs in the customers shop.

011 001005

This sign had been done by another shop, but broke as it sat waiting  during construction at a Nashville shop. Signs of the Times remade the broken unit and the beautifully restored sign was hung….


This sign came in bent and full of wasp nests. We cleaned out the inside, straightened the metal, replaced the transformer, made a pattern, put a satin clear coat to keep the patina and mounted the new neon. I believe you can see this sign, after 10:00 pm, from 5 corners in Nashville.

photo 1 (2)photo 3 (2)photo 2 (2)

These are signs from the 1950’s that we completely restored (a total of 15). There were very few pieces of glass that are original, most had to be remade to original specs. The completed signs looked just as they did when new in the 1950’s.

photo 4 photo 3 (1) photo 2 (1) photo 1 (1)

This sign was left in the original finish and new glass and transformer was added. It was hung in a new home between the kitchen and dinning room. A real conversation piece.


A fond memory can be brought back to life after 50 years. Just a little TLC and a gentle hand can bring smiles to many.



Rusted tube supports and chipped paint on the glass and frame, as well as a blown transformer……thankfully all the neon was in good working order….



I had my way with a couple of clocks that were in sad shape……new transformers and power cords, switches and the like…..

clock6 002 irish red004 creek002 bridge001



Unique vintage sign repaired and going strong. I like the 3 stage flashing.

002 003 004


Old metal sign that someone started to add neon, came in broken. Fixed now.002


001 002 003 Just a few more That came in for repair.

The latest Restoration came in about 2 weeks ago. A family owned business from the 20’s until the 70’s.  New glass and updated transformers, ” just like I remembered it”.

I never get tired of hearing that said. 003 002

We had two large signs in the shop at the same time, one way found under a shed, and was hung in an oak tree for two years before it was brought in.  Repurposed and some bling was added.

New faces, added neon surround, and a little more. This sign is about 7 feet tall and 6 feet wide. 002 004 old face 004 new faces 001 more pics coming after it is installed.