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Neon signs used in a music video

Written by: David Buck

I got a call from a young lady a month ago about the possibility of several neon signs to be used in a music video.  She wanted a cost of the signs….now this is difficult for me …not knowing the size, color, and the length of each neon unit is a major concern when pricing a job, as well as planning for the correct size transformer to power the sign.  I gave her a range of prices. About a week ago she called back. They had made the decision to have the signs made. We started into the planning phase of the job. After several changes a design was agreed upon. Deposit was given, (all custom ordered sign require a deposit). I made the final patterns and started to bend the glass. Yancy design Trust design Computer designed and then reversed and printed patterns on paper. Patterns are put under bronze screen ( so not to burn paper when bending hot glass) .trust pattern believe pattern Sub assemblies are bent, final bends to be made when the electrodes are put on, then to processing.   tipping off Same process for the other units, process the electrodes, gas, then tip off. Next to burn-in and paint. burn-in paint unit 1 unit 2 Next step assembly. frame assembly1  Transformer is mounted the frame. Then mount the tube supports,attach the units and wire units together. This is the end of day one of production. final Having to remake a dead unit, final assembly is done. Starting to work on the second unit, being a double outline with over 25 feet of glass between the two units. I will be a while on this one. yancy 2 About 4 hours on the table working upto this point. A few more bends on one piece then time for cut and glue. (not really) yancy3 And now for the completed unit. The happy customer has since sent me a couple of pics of the signs in use. Some times the hard work pays off…..okay it does most of the time. Bye for now off to the next major project.