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Sometimes you just have fun.

Written by: David Buck

There are times you have to think outside the box as it were.  I had a customer who wanted to give an inexpensive gift as a promotion. He also wanted to keep costs under $50. Trying to design a neon unit that would fit into these parameters, I came across a transformer that I had that ran on 12 vdc and put out around 2,500 vac.  I then found an extra AV/DC converter and we were off.  I went to a local discount store and found this plastic plate and plate stand. Perfect medium for this unusual job.  Next I  cut the vinyl happy face and went to work. Result one happy customer and so was the lucky person that won it…All in all,  it was a fun project.

Neon is a medium that can be used as advertisement,  as well as an accent. Whether you use it to light up the outside of a building or as a night-light….it is very appealing and noticeable.. the night light ?…..  Well that’s the next project.