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Special Painted Sign

Written by: David Buck

Well here it is. A local business called and said that their sign company called and backed out of job less than 2 weeks before the grand opening. I was called and asked if I could give them a hand. The sign requirements were new to me and I had not done this type of work before. No Neon and No Vinyl, what kind of sign is there left. Paint???? Yup that’s right. I said that I would try to meet their deadline. After I got the e-mail with what they wanted and scanned and uploaded into my sign software and OMG what a nightmare. 4 hours later with blood shot eyes and severely cramped fingers, I got some images that can be cut. Cut you ask, yes, I am cutting painting mask for this job.

I ordered the sign blanks 4′ x 8′ (3 sheets). I spent most of 3 days designing, plotting, cutting, masking . I received mask in two days , but the sign material took about a week, which left me with only 5 working days to finish, well there goes the weekend.

The first sign went well and took about a day. the second took about 2 days and the last pair ( 2 – 4′ x4′) were the nightmare. Multiple applications of the paint mask to get the color combos correct.

002 003 004 005 Originally I thought of using vinyl for this job. But to my luck the Flat black was the only color that I could find. Oh I forgot to mention that the whole sign was to be flat or satin finish, and if that wasn’t the worst, no manufacture that I looked at has the light green that the customer picked out.  Most of the paint that I was able to get was gloss with the exception of the black. So I finished the signs with a satin clear as a last coat.

I enlisted the help of a good friend to help with the install. The first two large signs went up easy peasy. the pole sign, well lets just say it was a ^%$&^%$#&^^ er.

008 009 010 I am soooooooo glad that we had good weather to work with. and the customer was very happy.

006 007 Tomorrow is the grand opening ….Just in time.

Who would have thought that a neon shop would be making a painted sign……..surprise.